GACAA Scholarships

Application Deadline

October 15

Scholarship Committee Chair

Martin Wunderly


First Timer Scholarship

There are two scholarships for active GACAA member employed less than 5 years and planning to attend the next scheduled NACAA AM/PIC as a First Timer.

These scholarships will pay a maximum of $750 reimbursement to the recipient after they attend the NACAA AM/PIC. Entry Form

Family Scholarship

There is a $1,000 scholarship awarded annually. The applicants must be a child, spouse or grandchild of a GACAA Active or Life member.

The scholarship will be valid for any two or four year college or university in any state for work toward a BS or Graduate degree. Entry Form

Professional Scholarship

There are three scholarships of up to $750 for active GACAA members. These scholarships may be used for graduate study and/or other educational professional improvement activities.

GACAA scholarships are supported by member contributions, scholarship auction proceeds, Sunbelt Expo food booth sales and sponsorship by Georgia Farm Credit Association. Entry Form