GACAA Leadership

President – Lucy Ray

President-Elect – Andrew Sawyer

Vice President – Bob Kemerait

Secretary – Madison Luke

Treasurer – Guy Hancock

Past President – Brenda Jackson

GOTCAA President – S. Wesley Smith

Web Master – Brenda Jackson

GACAA ListServ Descriptions

The following email listserv lists are the official method of internal communication for GACAA. Please select the ONE list that targets your audience. As you go down the list it gets more specific for example MEMBERS covers all active GACAA members while OFFICERS is only for the 7 officers.

All GACAA and GOTCAA member may send an email to any of these e-mail lists.

MEMBERS – GACAA Membership

LEADERSHIP – GACAA Officers and Directors.



COMMITTEES – GACAA Committee Chairs.

GOTCAA – GACAA Life Members and Retirees