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  • Support aims and purposes set out in the NACAA Constitution and Bylaws

  • Furtherance of agriculture in Georgia

  • Sustenance and encouragement of education in the field of agriculture

  • Betterment of Georgia life through agriculture

  • Development of professional improvement programs for present and prospective agricultural Extension workers

  • Maintenance of high standard of professionalism among the members of GACAA


History and Organization

The Georgia Association of County Agricultural Agents was organized January 24, 1930. It is dedicated to the professional improvement of its members. Each year it povides numerous professional improvement opportunities, and gives recognition to Extension professionals for outstanding programs.

The GACAA works with and has gained the respect of state Extension and University administrators. Since its inception it has been an integral part of the National Association of County Agricultural Agents.

It is headed by officers and directors who represent all geographic and organizational levels. Committee chairpersons are appointed annually by the president, subject to approval by the Board of Directors. All members can select a committee (or be assigned by their director).

All professionals with any Extension agricultural duties are eligible for membership. Membership is offered in both the State and National Associations. The Georgia association is among the nation's largest, with over 300 current members.

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