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GACAA Mass Media Awards

We know that you work closely with your local daily or weekly newspaper, other publications, radio, and television stations. You have an excellent opportunity to show them how much you appreciate them by nominating them for the GACAA Mass Media Awards. These awards are presented during the GACAA AM/PIC each year.

Application Deadline

September 15, 2016

Temporarily Extended to October 7, 2016

Send to

GACAA Vice-President

Steve Morgan

P. O. Box 346
Hamilton, GA 31811
(706) 628-4824


Application Forms

Select either the Word or PDF format

  Daily Newspaper         Word Document         PDF Document

  Weekly Newspaper     Word Document         PDF Document

  Other Publications      Word Document         PDF Document

  Radio                          Word Document         PDF Document

  Television                   Word Document         PDF Document

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