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A. Candidates for Officers or Director may be nominated by the General Membership from the floor at the Annual Meeting or by letter prior to the time set for elections.
B. Officer nomination shall also be made by a Nominating Committee appointed by the President and consisting of five (5) members, as many of whom are still active shall be past Presidents of the Association.
A. The Directors shall be elected for a period of two (2) years with staggered terms.
B. The rotation shall be as follows: The GACAA Districts: East, North, South, West, Central, State Staff-North and State Staff-South, shall elect annually one (1) Director for a two (2) year term. Terms shall coincide with the calendar year and staggered terms. (Revised: 10/26/99)
A. Officers of the Association shall be elected from the membership of the Association.
B. The election of Officers shall be held at the Annual Meeting of this Association called by the Board of Directors or the President. The offices of President and President-Elect shall be filled in rotation from State Staff and the respective districts according to practice adopted by the Board of Directors and duly entered into the minutes of the Annual Meeting. This rotation shall thereafter be varied only at an Annual Meeting on vote of two-thirds of a quorum of the membership prior to election of officers for the following year.

The Nominating Committee will place their nominations before the body; then followed by nomination from the floor.

D. The President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected for a period of one year with the Secretary and Treasurer re-election for a period not to exceed three years. (Revised: 11/12/92)
E. Any GACAA officer or director who resigns or retires from an Extension position or otherwise becomes ineligible for membership in GACAA, shall automatically vacate the GACAA office held.
  (1) In the absence, disability or removal for cause of the President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer or Director, their office in either case shall be filled in the following manner (which ever is applicable):
    a. If time remaining to be served is less than 3 months of elected term of office, the President shall appoint, an eligible GACAA member to finish said term of office (until election of officers at annual meeting).
    b. If term of vacancy is greater than 3 months, a *called election will be conducted pursuant of the following procedures:
      1. The state staff and/or the respective district from which the vacancy occurs (represented by) shall place forth an eligible GACAA member nominated from their district or region to be voted on by the general membership in said special election to fill out the unexpired term of the office of President, President-elect or Vice President.
      2. The offices of secretary and/or Treasurer is filled without district rotation, therefore, properly nominated, eligible GACAA members for either of these offices shall be voted on by the general membership in said special election.
      3. Vacancies in the position of Senior Director shall be filled automatically by the advancement of the Junior Director of that district or region.
      4. Vacancies in the position of Junior Director shall be filled by the nomination of an eligible member from said district or region duly elected by the general membership in said special election.
* Called election is defined as follows: a called election may occur at any time other than at the annual meeting.
It shall be conducted by properly polling the general membership by either electronic or written ballot.
A. It shall be the duty of directors to attend each meeting called by the President and to represent the will of the membership and to have the interest of this Association at heart at all times. The Directors shall keep their "districts" informed of activities and business carried on by the Directors and Executive Committee of this Association.
A. President - It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Association and/or Executive Committee and to give the interest of the Association priority over personal, private or official duties. The President shall have the authority, on the approval of the Board of Directors, to appoint any Committee, or Committees, deemed to serve the best interest of the Association. The President may appoint a Sergeant-At-Arms or Parliamentarian for a term not exceeding the duration of the President's term of office.
B. President-elect - It shall be the duty of the President-elect to accompany and assist the President on all official Association functions; to familiarize himself thoroughly with the duties and responsibilities which accompany the office of President; and to perform such executive functions as might be delegated to the President-elect by the President.
C. Vice-President - It shall be the duty of the Vice-president to serve in place of the President, in his absence or in case of a vacancy in the presidency. While serving, his duties shall be the same as the President's enumerated above.
D. Secretary - The Secretary shall maintain all records of GACAA, minutes of all meeting,, records of committee reports and distribute to the membership, records of NACAA Voting Delegates and records of all award recipients; provide Officers and Directors copies of minutes. The Secretary shall serve as address coordinator, maintain active membership list and provide mailing labels as needed, handle all correspondence as directed by the President and/or Board of Directors and handle notice of GACAA Annual Meeting. (Revised: 11/12/92)
E. Treasurer - The Treasurer shall keep all funds and properties of GACAA, maintain general fund account, maintain records of all receipts and disbursements and account balances and pay all bills. The Treasurer shall manage the Scholarship fund to maximize growth. The Treasurer shall receive membership dues and reports for membership chairs and prepare NACAA membership report and provide the Secretary copies of membership reports. The Treasurer shall recommend a depository for GACAA funds to GACAA Board, provide for an annual audit and receive monies and registration for GACAA Annual Meeting. The Treasurer shall make an annual report to the general membership at the Annual Meeting. (Revised: 11/12/92)
A. There shall be an Annual Meeting of the Georgia Association of County Agricultural Agents at a time and place designated by the Executive Committee.
B. No Board Meeting, regular meeting or Annual Meeting can be called by anyone save the President, or Acting President, except on petition or approval of two-thirds members of the Board of Directors, or upon petition signed by two-thirds membership of the Association.
C. Robert's Rules of Order shall apply in all meetings of the Association.
A. The annual membership dues of the Association shall be due January 1st of each year.
B. Dues shall be determined by the Board of Directors. Dues applicable for the next following year shall be announced at the Annual Meeting of the Association for approval of the membership.
C. Alternate proposals establishing amount of dues for the next following year may be entered by motion from the floor at the Annual Meeting of the Association.
A. No Association funds shall be disbursed without approval. Extraordinary disbursements shall be brought to the vote of the membership. Ordinary disbursements, such as those listed in Section 8-B following, may be approved by the Board of Directors.
B. Disbursements of which the Board may approve are as follows:
  (1) National dues
  (2) Reimbursement of Secretary and Treasurer expenses. (Revised 11/12/92)
  (3) Stationery, stamps, telephone calls, telegrams and such other expenses as are necessary to the operation of the Association.
  (4) Actual expense of Executive Committee when called to official meetings.
  (5) Defrayment of expenses of voting delegates and designated award recipient to NACAA Annual Meeting.
  (6) Contributions to nonprofit educational, research, or youth activities which have been approved by a vote of two-thirds of a quorum at a meeting of the General Membership.
  (7) Costs and expenses of conducting the "Farm House", Legislative Luncheon, and recognition or awards programs.
  (8) Interest only accumulated on the GACAA Scholarship Fund to be used for GACAA scholarships. (Added: 11/8/90)
A. At the first meeting after the election of new Officers, the present Officers with the newly elected President and the Board of Directors, shall appoint such Committees and Committee Chairmen as necessary to the best advantage of the State Association and to give the fullest cooperation with the National Committees and National Program of the Association. A list of standing Committees and a description of their responsibilities shall be maintained by the Secretary-Treasurer and appended to these Bylaws.
B. A vacancy in any Committee shall be filled by appointment of the Committee Chairman with approval of the President and/or Board of Directors.
A. The voting delegates to the Annual Meeting of the National Association of County Agricultural Agents shall be nominated by each GACAA District and approved by the Board of Directors according to the number allowed by NACAA. The delegates allocated shall be selected from the Extension Districts and the State Staff in a rotation that will give equal representation of the groups over a period of years.
B. Delegates - It shall be the duty of the Delegates attending the National Meeting to represent this Association, to attend all Official Meetings of the Annual Meeting, and to make the report of proceedings of the National Meeting to the Executive Committee in writing, and if the occasion permits, to make an oral report to the General Membership of this Association.
C. Expenses of delegates shall be paid by the Association so far as is feasible; the amount being determined by the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee when delegates are appointed.
A. The Distinguished Service Awards (DSA) shall be made according to the number allowed by NACAA among the seven (7) GACAA Districts. Each district will submit one DSA candidate and one DSA alternate to the GACAA State Recognition & Awards Committee. The committee shall select at least one DSA candidate per district before alternates are considered. The final approval of the DSA Nominees will be at the option of the GACAA Board of Directors. (Revised: 10/26/99)
B. Qualification of Nominees for Distinguished Service Award will be based on qualifications set by the National Association of County Agricultural Agents. The Directors will consult with appropriate administrative officials before making a final decision on Distinguished Service Awards.
A. A Historian will be appointed by the Officers and Directors for a term of three years, and each three years thereafter. The responsibilities of the Historian will be to keep a permanent, concise record of important events of the Association.
A. The GACAA scholarship fund will be maintained as a separate and distinct entity of the Treasurer's record. All funds designated for the GACAA scholarship fund will be maintained in the fund and shall not be used for any other purpose. The Treasurer will manage the fund to maximize the return and will report to the GACAA Scholarship Committee the amount available for scholarships no later than October 1 each year. The Scholarship Committee will distribute the available funds according to the rules and regulations set forth by the Scholarship Committee and approved by the GACAA Board of Directors. ONLY interest produced by the fund will be available for distribution. (Revised: 11/12/92)
  Original Constitution and Bylaws Approved : 1/1/80
Latest revisions: 07/17/01

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